Breakfast chefs Lili Matthews and Mel Gush have worked hard to bring together a menu that is seasonal, modern and deleicious…some classics, some healthy vegetarian and vegan options and some just plain naughty!!!

Each season brings with it a special bounty and as always the Chianti menu is a wonderful mix of traditional and modern Italian food and like the best of Italian cooking celebrates. Desserts are not to be missed…maybe ask to see the dessert menu before you order anything.

At Chianti, we really know where the food we cook comes from. We value our producers because without them our food would be something less. It may be our fisher mate pulling up at the restaurant door inconveniently at the start of service..or half a ton of Loxton biodynamic oranges on the back of Nic Favaro’s ute..or our chefs and front of house at The Adelaide Showgrounds market.

Our chefs are dedicated to the traditions of the Italian kitchen, but, equally they enjoy exploring the modern Italian kitchen. All of these factors are the sum of Chianti’s award winning food.

Our menu is available in Mandarin 我们有中文菜单可供选择


last updated April 25, 2017